XBlast TNT

XBlast TNT 2.10

Arcade game in the style of the classical Bomberman
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XBlast Team
Use your bombs to remove the block and ultimately eliminate all the players, but be careful not to be caught in the explosions caused by you or the others. Play in one-to-one deathmatches or in a co-op fighting with other teams. Collect various power-ups throughout the game to make things more interesting.

XBlast is a massively enhanced bomberman-like multi-player arcade game for Windows and Linux/UNIX.
The game can be played in single or teams mode, with at least two players and up to six players.

The game features many cool extras, multiple player models, many many different bomb types and hundreds of levels (a level editor is also available).

The game was inspired by the video/computer game Bomberman (Dynablaster), which was to my knowledge first programmed for NEC's PC Engine/Turbo Grafx. Other commercial versions of the original game exist for IBM-PC, Atari ST, Amiga, NES, GameBoy and Super NES.

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